Raw materials for baking



Active ingredient  MC Product series  Description/effects 

Acidity regulators

Acid and mineral complexes with a buffering effect
  • Rowelit
  • Improves the baking properties of sprout-damaged wheat and rye flours
  • Raises the falling number
  • Corrects undesirable baking properties at increased enzymatic activity
  • Secalit
  • Improves the swelling properties of mixed and rye bread

Malt flours and malt extracts

Malt flours, enzyme-active 
  • EMCEmalt 
  • Boosts oven rise
  • Better browning and more flavour
  • Prolongs the shelf-life
Malt flours, enzyme-inactive
  • EMCEmalt
  • Controls the colour of crumb and crust
  • Malty flavour
Malt extracts, enzyme-inactive
  • EMCEmaltex
  • Better browning and more flavour
  • Crisper crust


Lecithins in powder form
(also hydrolyzed)
  • Leciflor
  • Better dough properties and machinability
  • Finer crumb structure
  • Longer shelf-life
Mono- / diglycerides  
  • Mulgaprime
  • Finer texture/crumb
  • Better dough stability
  • Longer shelf-life
DATEM (diacetyl tartaric ester
of mono- and diglycerides) 
  • Mulgaprime 16
  • Greater gas retention capacity and better fermentation tolerance
  • Larger baked volume
  • Crisper crust
Stearoyl lactylate
(sodium and calcium stearoyl lactylate) 
  • Mulgaprime SSL
  • Mulgaprime CSL
  • Lactic acid esters to increase gas retention capacity, fermentation tolerance and baked volume, also to prolong the shelf-life of the crumb

Emulsifier systems

Whipping emulsifier (lactic and acetic acid esters, propylene glycol esters, polyglycerol esters)   
  • EMCEsponge
  • Enhances the visual and sensory properties of fresh and dried pasta
Enzyme-emulsifier complexes   
  • Multaprime DX
  • Mulgaprime 54
  • Firmer structure
  • Less loss through cooking
Lecithins, mono- and diglycerides   
  • Mulgaprot

Emulsifier complexes for standardizing dough and baking properties. For the following, depending on the flour quality and application: 

  • Drying the dough surfaces
  • Increasing the lubricity of the dough
  • Improving machinability
  • Prolonging the shelf-life

Emulsifier reduction

Esterases, hemicellulases, amylases  
  • Alphamalt SFX
  • Increases baked volume
  • Prolongs the shelf-life of the crumb
Esterases and hemicellulases   
  • Alphamalt EFX
  • Improves dough stability and fermentation tolerance
  • Increases baked volume

Vital gluten

Vital gluten  
  • EMCEvit
  • Increases dough stability
  • Improves the processing properties of the dough
  • Increases fermentation tolerance
  • Boosts volume yield
Lecithinized vital gluten
Ferment active vital gluten

Substitutes for vital gluten

Enzyme complexes with vegetable proteinsor fibres  
  • EMCEgluten Plus
  • EMCEgluten Enhancer
  • Increases dough stability
  • Improves the processing properties of the dough
  • Increases fermentation tolerance
  • Boosts volume yield


Guar gum powder  
  • EMCEgum
  • Produces dryer doughs
  • Increases water binding capacity
  • Prolongs the shelf-life
  • Improves fermentation stability


Calcium propionate  
  • EMCEprop
  • Preservative for sliced bread and pastry goods
Potassium sorbate  
  • EMCEsorb
  • Slows down the growth of mould
  • EMCErope D
  • Inhibits Bacillus mesentericus, prevents ropiness

Leguminous flours

Leguminous flours (enzyme-active, toasted, de-oiled, full-fat)
  • SOYnovo – soy flour LENTInovo - lentil flour VIFAnovo - bean flour
  • Brightens the crumb
  • Fine texture