Other flour improvers



Active ingredient  MC Product series  Description/effects 

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid 
  • ELCO

Various different grain sizes

  • 40-80 mesh
  • 80 mesh
  • 100 mesh and to customer's specification
  • Glutin
  • Standardized concentrations for better dosing
  • Elco BE CS
  • Elco GF
  • Encapsulated ascorbic acid qualities with delayed action

Flour maturing and oxidizing agents

(These flour improvers are not permitted in the EU. National regulations must be observed.)
  • OXEM
  • Better fermentation tolerance
  • Greater volume yield
Benzoyl peroxide
  • Bleaching agent: strong bleaching effect on the flour; firmer gluten structure
Calcium peroxide
  • Mild oxidizing agent for dry doughs; for combining with other oxidizing systems
  • Supple doughs
  • Good fermentation tolerance
  • High volume yields

Dough softeners

  • EMCEsoft
  • Porit
  • Shorter mixing times
  • Better processing properties of the doughs
  • Less resistance to extension
  • Greater extensibility
  • Softens the gluten
Yeast and enzyme complexes  
  • EMCErelax