Aroma's and citric peel pastes

E & R Food Ingredients B.V. represents Olbricht Arom GmbH

OlbrichtArom has 140 years of expertise in the manufacture of flavourings and essences. They develop, product and market a wide assortment of flavourings, natural fruit pastes, fruit preparations and syrups. They are an industry pioneer in the area of natural lemon and orange-peel pastes.

What nature can do,
our citrus peel pastes can do better

How did traditional Christmas stollen become, well, traditional Christmas stollen? Among other things, with lemon and orange peel. We’ve improved on this great tradition, with citrus peel pastes that let you benefit from our extensive knowledge. Give your baked goods, dairy products, ice-cream, confections, deli foods, fillings, fruit preparations, sauces and dressings that special something they need to do well on the market.

What sets our products apart?

  • All developments are ready for immediate use
  • Test at our own Technology Centre
  • Unique flavour through natural citrus oils
  • 33 to 80% minimum fruit content
  • Long-lasting, fresh flavour of pure fruit
  • Heat-stable
  • Freeze-compatible
  • No antioxidants, colourings or preservatives
  • All varieties can be supplied
  • In a company group that gives every flavour the right dimension - The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe