Enzyme systems with monospecificity



Active ingredient  MC Product series  Description/effects 


Fungal alpha-amylases
  • Alphamalt A
  • Alphamat V
  • All desired concentrations
  • Use with high falling numbers
  • Boosts oven rise
  • Increases baked volume, reduces firmness of the dough
Bacterial alpha-amylases
  • Alphamalt BA
  • For use in long-life bakery products to achieve saccharification and enhanced browning
  • Betamalt 
  • Breaks down starch into maltose for controlled adjustment of the falling number
  • Prolongs the shelf-life
  • Boosts oven rise 
  • Alphamalt GA
  • Breaks down starch into glucose to achieve greater oven rise, especially with retarded fermentation or freezing
  • Enhanced browning 

Amylases for prolonged shelf-life

Bacterial amylases
  • Alphamalt
  • Enhances browning of baked products


  • Alphamalt HC
  • Good to extremely good extensibility of the doughs
  • Firms or relaxes the dough
  • Releases water / reduces viscosity
  • Dries and strengthens wheat and rye doughs
  • High volume yields
  • Fine texture
  • Improves machinability


Glucose oxidase with
selected side activities
  • Alphamalt Gloxy 
  • Strengthens the gluten
  • Produces firmer dough
  • Increases the stability of wheat and rye doughs
  • Increases water absorption
  • Improves dough tolerance
  • Increases fermentation stability
  • Improves processing properties
Glucose oxidase
(with a wider
range of substrates)
  • Alphamalt ROX
Sulfhydryl oxidase
  • Alphamalt SOX


Proteases from
various sources
(fungal, bacterial
, vegetable
  • Alphamalt PRO
  • Alphamalt B
  • Alphamalt BK
  • Alphamalt BP
  • Alphamalt PP
  • Splits the protein strands of the gluten skeleton
  • Plastic, easily shaped doughs
  • Reduces dough resistance
  • Enhances flavour and browning
  • Increases extensibility
  • Prevents cracking of biscuits
  • Shortens dough resting time