Coconut Milk Powder

SternCream Coconut Milk, spray-dried

The natural source of flavour

SternCream is a spray-dried coconut milk powder used in numerous recipes. Internationalization and the fusion of cooking traditions from all parts of the world have now made coconut milk a standard ingredient of European foods too.

Coconut milk powder has been known to the European market for a long time and established itself years ago as an ingredient of recipes used in the European food industry. It gives drinks and both sweet and seasoned dishes an exotic, naturally rich aroma and enhances their flavour.

The advantages of Sterncream:

  • Very high coconut milk content
  • Characteristic mild, swwet taste of fresh coconut
  • Free of colorants, artificial flavourings and preservatives
  • Flexible use in liquid and dry products
  • Easy to handle and process
  • Long shelf-life