Enzyme systems with multiple specificity



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Enzyme systems with multiple specificity

Amylase-hemicellulase complexes with different side activities, depending on the flour quality
  • Alphamalt A
  • Powerzym
  • Doughs with good extensibility and good stability result in better machinability
  • High volume yields
  • Alphamalt T
  • Enzyme compounds with amylases as leading enzymes and dough-drying components (specific xylanases, oxidases etc.)
Hemicellulase complexes
  • Alphamalt H 
  • Enzyme compound with hemicellulases as leading enzymes; combined with different side activities, depending on the flour quality
Carboxylesterases (triacyl lipases,
phospholipases and glycol lipases)
  • Alphamalt EFX
  • Alphamalt LPX
  • Alphamalt LP 
  • Enzyme complexes with specificity for triglycerides, phospholipidsand glycolipids naturally present in the flour. Standardized side activities for:
  • Stabilizing the dough
  • Increasing the volume yield
  • Enhancing texture
  • Brightening the crumb 
Carboxylesterase-amylase complexes
  • Alphamalt B
  • Alphamalt BK
  • Alphamalt LQ
  • Enzyme complexes with proteolytic leading activity and standardizedside activities
  • Expansion of the gluten
  • Prevention of blister formation with strong gluten
  • Faster fermentation
  • Enhanced flavour formation
  • Greater extensibility
  • Softer doughs
  • Rapid and powerful liquefaction of the dough, especially with wafer batters
  • Fewer broken wafers
  • Homogeneous wafer batters
  • Prevention of cracks in biscuits and crackers
Proteolytic enzyme complexes
  • Alphamalt SFX
  • Enzyme complexes
  • Enhanced texture
  • Longer shelf-life for wrapped goods

Bromate substitutes 

Bromate substitutes based on enzymes, with or without oxidation systems
  • Alphamalt
  • Alphamalt BE
  • Alphamalt BS
  • Alphamalt BXT
  • Standardized enzyme and oxidation systems for:
  • Long or short dough processes
  • High volume yields, even with large percentages of fat and Sugar

ADA substitute

Azodicarbonamide replacer based on enzymes
  • Alphamalt AX
  • Standardized enzyme systems for long or short dough processes