BergaBest MCT Oil – Multifunctional Active Oil


BergaBest MCT Oil is a medium chain triglyceride of fractionated vegetable fatty acids, mainly caprylic and capric acid. It is colourless, neutral in odour and taste, and has a very low viscosity.

BergaBest MCT Oil is especially valuable from the nutritional point of view: it is taken up directly by the bloodstream and transported to the liver. Because of this it is converted into energy immediately and not stored as depot fat like the long-chain triglycerides. MCT Oil is digested and absorbed indepently of auxiliary substances such as bile acids.
MCT Oil does not raise the lipid or cholesterol levels in the blood. It promotes the uptake of proteins or amino acids and various minerals such as magnesium and calcium.


Properties of MCT Oil:

  • Very low viscosity
  • Good low-temperature stability
  • Extremely low iodine value
  • Very good resistance to oxidation
  • Excellent resistance to polymerization
  • Good solubility in alcohol