E & R Food Ingredients

E & R Food Ingredients represents some prominent companies within the Benelux. By continuously responding to supply and demand through the course of the years we developed a divers delivery program for the Food, Feed, Pharma, Health & Cosmetics industry. 

Our Food Ingredients program offers various products 

Lecithins;  liquid | powder | on-carrier | hydrolyzed | instant
Red Palm Oil;  liquid | powder
MCT oil;  liquid | powder
Flour improvers & Baking premixes
Coconut Milk powder;  spraydried | vegan
Coated products;  salt | sugar | ascorbic acid | citric & malic acid | sodium bicarbonate
Citric peel paste, Lemon & Orange peel pastes, Jamaica rum paste

We invite you to have a look around at our website, you will find more information about our products and if you would like more information or product specifications... feel free to contact us!