Modern functional systems for bread and rolls.

A baking ingredient, baking improver, baking premix or baking concentrate from DeutscheBack will ensure top-class results and cut production costs. 

Product  Description  Usage level (flour basis) 

Baking premix concentrate for wheat bread

TopBake Weißbrot 1–1.5 %     

Baking premix for mixed wheat bread. Contains enzymes.

1–1.5 %

TopBake Weißbrot BM GR

Baking premix for wheat bread

1 %

TopBake Baguette TKS

Baking premix for baguettes

0.3 %

TopBake Toast BM GL

Baking premix for toast slices

1 %

Baking premix concentrate for mixed wheat and rye bread 

TopBake Weizenmischbrot FK    

Baking premix for prolonging the shelf-life of mixed wheat bread 

1–2 % 

TopBake Roggenmischbrot HB 1% 

Baking premix for prolonging the shelf-life of mixed rye bread 

1 % 

TopBake Stabil RM 

Baking premix for the production of mixed rye bread 

0.5–2 % 

Bakery mixes for small mixed wheat and rye products  

TopBake Cold Gold

Baking premix for over-fermented rolls 

2–3 % 

TopBake Cold Gold Dark

Baking premix for over-fermented rolls, with enhanced browning and flavour 

2–3 % 

TopBake Brötchen Malz

Enzyme/malt-based baking premix for the production of rolls by the direct process

2–4 %

TopBake Easy Roggen

Baking premix for rye rolls 

10 %

TopBake SBM 

All-round baking premix for small yeast-raised products 

2–4 %

Baking premixes, ready-mixed flours and concentrates for special applications

TopBake Ciabatta 3 %

Baking premix for ciabatta

3 %

TopBake Ciabatta 10 %

Concentrate for the production of ciabatta

10 %

TopBake Gluten Enhancer 21

Concentrate for improving low-gluten flours and as a gluten replacer in bakery products

0.05-0.5 %

TopBake Dinkelvollkorn-Mix

Bakery mix for wholemeal spelt bread

40 %

TopBake Eiweiß Plus 50

Bakery mix for protein-enriched bread

50 %

TopBake Rice Bread AF 100 %

Ready-mixed flour for gluten-free bakery products

100 %

TopBake Bun Improver No. 1

Baking improver for hamburger buns 

3 %

TopBake Mediterran 100

Ready-mixed flour for making coarsetextured Mediterranean items such as baguette and ciabatta

100 % 

TopBake Pizza Gourmet

Special baking premix for pizza 

2 %

Raw materials for baking

TopBake Malt 300

Standardized barley malt flour to enhance the colour and flavour of bread and rolls

0.5–3 %

TopBake Gum G

Standardized guar gum powder to prolong the shelf-life and increase water binding

0.2-0.5 %

TopBakevit C

Standardized wheat gluten to enhance the properties of the dough and baked products

0.5–2 %

Label-friendly baking concentrates and concentrates without E numbers

TopBake WA Pure  

Concentrate for improving water absorption, volume and stability. Suitable as a guar gum replacer in bread and rolls.

0.2-1 %

TopBake Rolls Pure

Emulsifier-free concentrate for bread and rolls, with enhanced dough and fermentation stability

1-3 %

TopBake Wheat Pure

Emulsifier-free concentrate for wheat and mixed wheat and rye bread

1-4 %

TopBake Rye Pure

Emulsifier-free concentrate for rye and mixed rye and wheat bread, with a natural source of acidity

3-5 %

TopBake SFX 15

Enzyme concentrate to enhance the moistness and shelf-life of sandwich bread and hamburger buns. Suitable as a replacement for SSL

0.02–0.07 %

TopBake EFX Mega 0.5 % 

Enzyme concentrate for stability and volume, also with retarded fermentation. Suitable as a replacement for DATEM in wheat bread and rolls

0.1-0.5 %